D&K Brazing s.r.o.

Since its establishment in 2016, D&K Brazing s.r.o. has focused on the hard brazing and annealing of stainless steel and mild steel components in a linear furnace, whith closed, controlled atmosphere composed of pure hydrogen and nitrogen.

Experience and knowledge combined with cutting edge technologies permit brazing and annealing of anything from simple fittings and tubing for the automotive industry or use in hydraulics, to more complex assemblies of complete valves for the food industry and other industries.

A linear furnace with a controlled inert atmosphere of hydrogen and nitrogen is capable of hard brazing and annealing at maximum temperatures of up to 1120°C. Operations are continuous, up to 24 hours a day.

During the hard brazing or annealing process, products pass through a warming zone and then the hot zone where the actual brazing or annealing process occurs in a controlled atmosphere. The atmosphere itself is either a custom mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen or 100% pure hydrogen. This precision control over the composition of the atmosphere ensures the high quality and purity of the brazed or annealed material and removes all the oxides from the surface!

The brazed or annealed components are then cooled in a cooling tunnel, again in a controlled atmosphere, which prevents subsequent contamination. The brazed or annealed components have a temperature of around 25°C when they exit the furnace, thereby increasing safety for operators.

The overall brazing or annealing process takes anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the weight of the components involved. The technical length of the furnace is approximately 20 metres.

The linear furnace is located at our facility in Olomouc, in the industrial zone Olomouc-Holice with easy arrival from the D46 and D35 motorways.


Technology – parameters

- the linear furnace itself is 20 metres long, including the loading and unloading zones

- the controlled atmosphere in the furnace is 100% hydrogen or a mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen in a precisely controlled ratio

- production capacity of up to 100 kg of brazed/annealed material per hour, and continuously

- maximum dimensions for parts fed into the furnace are 300 mm x 150 mm and lengths of up to 3500 mm

- variable belt speed inside the furnace, adjustable from 50 mm per minute to 500 mm per minute